Ambassador are able to offer various lighting options including uplighters, chandeliers, LED pin bank and strings of lights to be used in our own marquees.

Prices shown with and without VAT @ 20%






£10.00 + VAT @ 20%

The 5P Hex Pearl is a versatile LED Par fixture with 5 x 10-Watt LEDs , each LED is a 6-IN-1. This means that under each cap there are Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White & UV LEDs, your colour choices are now truly fantastic, and with the extra UV you get extra depths and contrast of colour.


£15.00 each + VAT%



PAR 56 Cans.

The floor can with its two brackets can sit on the floor or be hung overhead.


It can be directed at any angle. The 300w PAR56 is a very versatile light which comes with a gel frame for fitting coloured filter gels, often used for stages discos and general lighting.


Comes with a 13amp plug

£10.00 + VAT @ 20%

8 Arm Chandeliers -

£30.00 + VAT @ 20%

Bose L1 Compact PA System


Easy plug & play. Either plug in a microphone or music source.


£75.00 + VAT @ 20%.

LED Colour changing Six way Pin Bank

£25.00 each + VAT @ 20%

Single white pin spot with rotating mirror ball.

£25.00 each + VAT @ 20%

Festoon white lights


£15 per 10m + VAT @ 20%.

Light Curtains - 864 Bulb Clear

2 Metre Width x 3 Metre Drop Twinkling Curtain Lights.


Look fantastic as a backdrop.


£20.00 each + VAT @ 20%

Fairy Lights

180 Bulb Clear Starlights -Multi Effect

10m from first to last bulb.
*Super bright. *Long life bulbs. *8 Stunning effects. *Extra low voltage. *Stay cool even when on. *Double insulated for safety.
Look fantastic over an archway.

£10.00 each + VAT @ 20% .

Lighting Dimmer 2.5kw

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